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Whipped Women

Category: Spanking Whipped Women is a serious BDSM site where they live up to their name in a big way. Each victim is bound so she cannot escape the pain coming to her. Then the dominant man brings out his whip, which is genuine, and proceeds to punish the submissive. You get access to pictures and videos as a member and each scene ends with the girl completely broken and in immense pain. The best thing about Whipped Women is the marks the implements of pain leave on the body. The back, ass, and thighs of the victim are covered in red lashes. Welts sometimes rise up. Each babe starts out confident that she can take the whipping but by the end most are crying or at least they look completely worn out by the whole thing. They couldn't have imagined how much pain they would suffer when it all started and now they're relieved that it's over. Some of the kinkier girls are turned on by it all. Those are the true pain sluts. The girls they bring in to take the BDSM punishment are almost all absolutely gorgeous. Visit WhippedWomen

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Spanking TV

March 25th, 2011

Category: Spanking The English are big on spanking and they know how to make spanking porn, as Spanking TV shows. Their downloadable videos feature English performers and the BDSM action is the real deal. The women that get spanked are generally young and sweet. They look innocent but they've been very naughty and they have to be punished for that. Most scenes come with a little bit of back story so you can learn how the girl was bad and then watch as she is punished for that terrible misbehavior. A big strength of Spanking TV is the variety of ways they administer the punishments. Canes are a big favorite and they always leave a mark and cause the most pain. They also use paddles, palms, riding crops, and belts. Costumes are quite common here. French maids, schoolgirls, and others regularly get spanked and the use of a sexy outfit only increases the arousal. The key is that every spanking is real and the pain the girls feel is genuine, which only makes the content more arousing and easy to get off to. Visit SpankingTV

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Real Caning Videos

March 23th, 2011

Category: Spanking At Real Caning Videos most of their scenes follow the same basic structure. First, a young girl gets in trouble. She's been stealing, cheating, acting slutty, or something else egregious and she must be punished for it. A female authority figure - police officer, teacher, etc - catches her and is the one that will dole out the punishment to the young lady. As the name suggests, that pain always comes in the form of a caning for her tender and sweet ass. Real Caning Videos also offers picture galleries with their updates and they do a good job of showing you just how much pain the girls are in. You can see the asses turning colors as they are caned. In the movies you can hear them screaming out with each strike. You can hear the cane hit the flesh and watch as a welt forms. Everyone they bring in to model for them is attractive and it genuinely seems like the girls don't have any idea they're in for so much pain when they get spanked. That's a big part of what makes it so much delightful fun, of course. Visit RealCaningVideos

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CBT and Ballbusting

February 25th, 2011

Category: FemDom You might have heard of someone getting their balls busted before, but this is ridiculous! These mistresses have the tools necessary to turn these males into crying slaves when they take over their bodies at CBT And Ball Busting. These guys are putty in their hands, as these mistresses think of all different ways to inflict pain and torture on them. You'll cringe as you see what these women do to these guys, as they cry out in agony. Their cocks are tied up in various ways, restricting how they can move, as the mistresses whip them, beat their asses, spank them, put clamps on their cock and balls, and beat them so severely that you would think they're about to fall off! They even insert rods into their dick holes before practicing their punching and kicking on their schlongs. You can see all of the cock and ball torture and BDSM porn action unfold on high quality videos and high resolution pictures, and you also get access to Inescapable Bondage to give you more BDSM bang for your buck! Visit CBTandBallbusting

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The English Mansion

February 25th, 2011

Category: FemDom When you want to get your fill of FemDom fetish videos and pictures, featuring beautiful women who get off on torturing and abusing men for their pleasure, The English Mansion is where you want to be! These men have no idea what they're in for when they're being controlled by these mistresses, who have nothing but the raunchiest, meanest thoughts about how to make their sex slaves squeal and beg for mercy. This British FemDom site takes their BDSM very seriously, setting up their member's area so you can easily find what you want to see. They break down their collection by each mistress that's featured, and their location just in case you want to pay them a visit. That's how you know this is real! Their hundreds of videos go up to an HD resolution, allowing you to see the cock and ball torture, the forced penetrations, the foot, leg and boot worship, and much more. You can even take the content with you through their mobile downloads. Don't ever go without these dominating mistresses! Visit TheEnglishMansion

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Shadow Slaves

December 19th, 2010

Category: BDSM, FemDom, Spanking Welcome to one of the most controversial, extreme BDSM sex sites ever to be created. Its name is Shadow Slaves and what it offers blows mind of even the most seasoned BDSM veterans. Right from the beginning a proper tone is set and juicy previews get you an idea of what to expect inside the Shadow Slaves. Enter the members area and lo and behold a wide selection of both pictures and videos. There are a lot to watch and pour over, more then 120 videos, each one is crazier then the next and more then twice as many sets of pictures. The action is unbelievable! This is not your next average BDSM porn, this stuff is really extreme, pretty brutal and sometimes even frightening. The feeling you get watching all these women being gagged, tortured, beaten, slapped, caned, suspended by their breasts and fucked in every single way only a sick mind could come up with is an exhilarating experience! If you truly shocking, extreme BDSM is your cup of tea, then you sure as hell will love the Shadow Slaves! Visit ShadowSlaves

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Public Disgrace

August 3th, 2010

Category: BDSM, Sex with Slaves Public Disgrace is exclusive hardcore movie site devoted to public female humiliation, bondage and sex. Here you will find amateur girls getting nude, bound and punished in public places or in a roomful of horny men and women studio. They crawl like a dog on hands and knees in the streets, get legs tied wide open to a bench, mouth ballgagged and whipped, suck stranger's cocks with a deepthroat, and fuck them in all holes for everyone to see. Countless onlookers laugh at helpless girls, tease their tits and pussies and molest them in any way they want. These girls are abused and used but they enjoy every minute of their public disgrace reaching the climax as never before. Visit PublicDisgrace

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The Upper Floor

August 3th, 2010

Category: BDSM, Bondage, Lesbian BDSM, Sex with Slaves The Upper Floor is a particular website, unlike any other devoted to Live HD fetish BDSM reality show where real masochistic women give up their freedom and dedicate themselves to sex slavery. The action that you can see there bases on the legendary erotic novel The Story Of O and takes place at the Kink castle. So BDSM becomes a lifestyle for these women. The training of discipline and submission never stops for them. Girls are dominated, punished, spanked, whipped and tortured 24/7. They serve at dinner nude and in chains, entertain master's guests with giving them blow-jobs, getting humiliations and forced orgasms with various devices at his sadistic parties. It's really unique site and it's worth trying. Visit TheUpperFloor

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The Pain Files

July 27th, 2010

Category: BDSM, Spanking ThePainFiles is devoted to extreme real BDSM: forced spanking, play piercing, severe breast and pussy pain, hot wax and clamps, nosehooks and facial humiliation, electro pain and more other SM actions that thrill your mind! You'll see the darkest and dirties donjons, absolutely exhausted by feeling permanent discomfort and sufferings slave girls. If you're looking for hardcore BDSM, ThePainFiles will be your favorite. High quality exclusive movies and pictures of real sluts getting pain, real tears and screams - all of that can be found here! Visit ThePainFiles

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Bond Adventures

March 17th, 2010

Category: BDSM, Toons This comics is dedicated to sex adventures of a cool guy Bruce Bond, who was sick and tied of his everyday routine and one day decided to change his boring life. Now he travels all over the globe and seeks for a real pleasure. BDSM pleasure! This art filled site is packed with colorful drawings that will focus on torturing, spanking, toying, fucking with his big meat stick and dildos and many other dirty scenes. As it's toon porn, so the action will be harder. I think it must please and satisfy even the most perverted fantasies of hardcore sex lovers. Visit BondAdventures

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