Real Caning Videos At Real Caning Videos most of their scenes follow the same basic structure. First, a young girl gets in trouble. She's been stealing, cheating, acting slutty, or something else egregious and she must be punished for it. A female authority figure - police officer, teacher, etc - catches her and is the one that will dole out the punishment to the young lady. As the name suggests, that pain always comes in the form of a caning for her tender and sweet ass. Real Caning Videos also offers picture galleries with their updates and they do a good job of showing you just how much pain the girls are in. You can see the asses turning colors as they are caned. In the movies you can hear them screaming out with each strike. You can hear the cane hit the flesh and watch as a welt forms. Everyone they bring in to model for them is attractive and it genuinely seems like the girls don't have any idea they're in for so much pain when they get spanked. That's a big part of what makes it so much delightful fun, of course. Visit RealCaningVideos

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Last Modified: March 23th, 2011